PhD Projects

Rules for Application

The early stage researchers (ESRs) will be trained at the very forefront of the rapidly developing field of virus bioinformatics, by gaining state-of-the-art insights into both theoretical and empirical science.

Each ESR (either bioinformatician or virologist) is linked to another ESR of the respectively other discipline working on the same topic. A continuous exchange between the two ESRs about the same scientific aim about virus-host interaction guarantees a truly interdisciplinary training.

Each ESR is supervised by:

  • a main supervisor in the field of his/her expertise,
  • a local co-supervisor of the respectively other discipline, and
  • an additional co-supervisor, being the supervisor of the partner ESR.

The individually tailored training will be implemented through projects: each ESR will be required to address specific research questions to advance the virus bioinformatics field. The ESR will benefit from regular one-to-one discussions with their supervisors and co-supervisors who will monitor their research progress and offer input and feedback to ensure success.