Network » Early Stage Researchers

Gabriel Lovate

Deciphering the RNA genome packaging code of influenza A viruses

Prof. Dr. Manja Marz,
Prof. Dr. Andreas Henke

Rithu Paul Stansilaus

National Center for Scientific Research, France

Mechanism of coordinated incorporation of segmented virus genomes into viral particles

Dr. Roland Marquet,
Prof. Laurence Despons

Harshit Prajapati

Free University of Berlin, Germany

Experimental evolution of Deformed wing virus in bees

Prof. Dr. Dino McMahon,
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Renard

Xue Peng

Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Bacteriophage–host relationships prediction

Dr. Li Deng,
Prof. Dr. Caroline Friedel

Óscar Morales Lezcano

Impact of host immune pathways on virus evolution

Prof. Dr. Ronald van Rij,
Prof. Dr. Martijn Huijnen

Dan Liu

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Computational prediction of virus-host interactions in the microbiome

Prof. Dr. David Robertson,
Prof. Dr. José R Penadés 

Yasas Wijesekara

A machine learning pipeline to identify and characterise novel viruses in metagenome data

Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali,
Prof. Dr. Martin Beer

Mikhail Fofanov

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Functional inferences from colinear crAssphage genomes

Prof. Dr. Bas E. Dutilh,
Dr. Pieter-Jan Haas

Ali Movasati

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Elucidating the role of the host cell during long-term in vitro HIV-1 evolution

Prof. Dr. Karin Metzner
Prof. Dr. Niko Beerenwinkel