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University Medicine Greifswald (UMG) comprises the faculty of medicine of Greifswald University and the University Hospital. Greifswald University was founded in 1456, and is among the oldest universities in Europe. It is dedicated to research and education at the highest standards, and covers all classical and modern academic areas. University Medicine Greifswald has 21 clinics and polyclinics, and 19 institutes; 1700 students are currently enrolled at the medical faculty of UMG. UMG has a strong research focus on personalised and molecular medicine, community medicine, and host-pathogen interactions. The Institute of Bioinformatics at UMG focusses on the development and application of bioinformatics and machine learning algorithms for the analysis of high-throughput biomedical and clinical data. The institute has a strong track record in biostatistics and bioinformatics analysis of microbial and host-microbe interaction data, including deep sequencing and metagenome data analysis.

The Institute of Bioinformatics has state of the art equipment for research in computational biology and bioinformatics. The department owns a large compute cluster with sufficient cpu/gpu, memory and storage capacity for large-scale data mining/machine learning and complex modelling projects. The institute furthermore has dedicated servers for deep sequencing data analysis, as well as a GPU compute server.